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Watermassage with WELLSYSTEM. The Hydrojet-Technology

WELLSYSTEM. Relaxation for body and soul.

In today's society, the way we take care of our own health has changed considerably over the past few years and lots of studies continue to describe the topic of health and wellness as a "mega-trend".

Peoples' standards of personal well-being and health are increasing and they are ready to take an active part in this. WELLSYSTEM meets these standards with innovative product concepts. These are subject to consistent development: WELLSYSTEM DRY WATER MASSAGE SYSTEMS are especially silent due to the water-cooled pumps for instance.


Dry water massage by WELLSYSTEM.

WELLSYSTEM concentrates on developing and marketing products that serve the growing demands society is making on health and body aesthetics.

Dry water massage for every condition

Wellsystem products offer many fields of application for different target markets in medical and commercial areas. The dry water massage unit by Wellsystem provides all from a gentle application up to powerful massages for every target group - e.g. for patients in the practice, hotel guests, fitness club´ members or employees in a company.Warm water jets make regular, circular movements against the underside of the natural rubber bed and massage the body from top to toe. The soothing warmth stimulates the circulation and activates the entire metabolism.

For each of our products a wide range of marketing material is available in order to provide information to your patients or customers and to convince them of the benefits for their health and wellbeing.

Wellsystem Therapy & Spa OG - General distributor for Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

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