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WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL_plus - dry water massage

Back and joint pains, muscle tension, muscular imbalances, stress-related muscular tension, cervical migraines. These are frequently occurring and often chronic complaints. The unique "dry water massage" therapy concept is the optimal solution. For prevention and therapy.


The difference between WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS and WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL is that you are able to set the patient's body length and the speed of the massage, in addition to having an extended spectrum of massage types and programmes.

WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS combines the gentle power of water

with beneficial warmth to create a unique therapy concept with a diverse range of positive effects:
  • Pain relief
  • Decrease in muscle tensions
  • Correcting muscular imbalances
  • Optimising muscle tone
  • Improvement of local blood circulation and metabolism
  • Venous and lymphatic unblocking
  • Loosening of the subcutaneous tissue
  • Positive influence on the vegetative nervous system with favourable effects on the internal organs

With WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS you have the right therapy concept for every patient:

WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS stands for customised massage while fully clothed - without needing to change, without showering afterward, for rapid availability and simple operation.


With WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS a innovative upper-class drywater massage bed is now available to You.

Indications: versatile application possibilities

With the dry water massage using the WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS, the warmth of the water penetrates deep into the tissue layers and enhances the patient's circulation. The gentle power of the water stimulates the metabolism, relaxes the muscles and releases tension and hardening. A particular advantage of this special form of heat treatment is that it is carried out without putting strain on the circulation.


Indications that can be treated with the WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS include:

  • Back and joint pain
  • Muscle tension
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Stress-related muscular tension
  • Cervical migraines
  • Fibromyalgia (mild form)
  • Excessive muscular fatigue
  • Reversible functional disturbances in the spinal column
  • Cervical, and thoracic spinal conditions, sciatica


Furthermore, WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS provides ideal preparation for subsequent therapeutic measures such as extensions, manual therapy or physiotherapy and is ideal for use following or as preparation for chiropractic manipulations.


And last but not least, regular use increases the general wellbeing of the patients and makes every visit to the practice a pleasant experience for them.


„Complaints such as those arising from the neck-shoulder syndrome or intervertebral disc damage can be (...) alleviated. In addition, patients suffering from stress or chronic fatigue also benefit from the treatment. This form of therapy is also suitable for osteoporosis patients.“ 

Dr. Friedhelm Kuhlmann, Orthopaedics, IGeL aktiv 02_2008

Application: dry water massage is as easy as that

WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS is filled with approx. 300 litres of water which can be heated to a comfortable 25 to 40 degrees. The massage nozzles jet water against the underside of the natural rubber bed in even movements using steplessly adjustable pressure. The pressure strength, the massage areas and massage times can be controlled individually for every application. The devices are operated via a control panel with a soft-touch keyboard. Self-explanatory pictograms make the operation extremely simple and intuitive.

Massage types:

  • Parallel massage
  • Mirror massage
  • Circular massage
  • Parallel stroke massage
  • Impulse massage
  • Massage Programmes

Massage areas:

  • Whole body
  • Back
  • Shoulder area
  • Lumbar region
  • Legs
  • Section massage
  • Point massage

With WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS the nozzles move in a parallel arc from head to foot or in an individually set massage area (parallel massage).


In addition, WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS also offers mirror, circular and parallel stroke massage options.


Furthermore WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS can flexibly adjust the massages to the patient's body length and regulate the speed.

Programmes: dry water massage for all demands

Massage programmes are available on chip cards for. For WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS there is also a selection of 6 perfectly balanced programmes which are already integrated into the device. In addition, freely programmable chip cards are also available, enabling you to store customised combinations of massage times, pressure strengths and massage types.


Moreover, WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS also provides you with the ability to move the massage nozzles to precisely defined positions and save these to a chip card as a programme.


The following 6 massage programmes are available for treating the most important muscle groups:

OB1: Shoulder / neck area: M. trapezius, M. levator scapulae
OB2: Thoracic spine parietal vertex: Mm. rhomboidei, M. serratus post. sup.
OB3: Upper lumbar spine to L3: M. iliocostalis lumborum
OB4/EX1: Ileo sacral area

EX2: Buttocks: M. piriformis, gluteal muscles
EX3: Thigh dorsal area: M. biceps femoris, M. rectus femoris
EX4: Calf muscles: M. gastrocnemius, M. soleus

Technical data: WELLSYSTEM MEDICAL PLUS at a glance

Operating characteristics:

  • Control panel with soft-touch keyboard
  • Display for elapsed massage time
  • Display for pressure setting
  • Display for body length setting
  • Display for massage speed setting
  • Headrest

Selectable massage types:

  • Parallel massage
  • Mirror massage
  • Circle massage
  • Parallel stroke massage
  • Impulse massage

Selectable massage areas:

  • Whole body, back, shoulders, lumbar region, legs
  • Section massage, freely selectable area
  • Point massage, freely selectable area
  • 6 pre-set therapeutic massage programmes:
    + Whole body
    + Complete back
    + Upper back
    + Lower back (lumbar region)
    + Hips / thighs
    +Hips / legs complete

Comfort features
(at extra cost)

  • Medical_Plus chip card package
  • Freely programmable chip cards for individual and phased programming
  • Fitted sheet
  • Lumbar pillow


Technical data and dimensions (standard)

  • Max. application time: 45 minutes
  • Pressure: 0.5-4 bar
  • Water temperature: 25-40 °C
  • Device dimensions (L x W x H): 2150 x 1100 x 570 mm
  • Bed surface (L x W): 1950 x 800 mm
  • Weight of the empty device: 168 kg
  • Total weight of the device: 472 kg
  • Water capacity: approx. 304 l
  • Power consumption: 2800 W
  • Connection / fuse: 230-240 V / 16A
  • LAN interface for service access and for all commercially available control systems
  • EMC tested
  • CE mark
  • MDD, class lla
(Changes to the technical design, design and availability reserved.)

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